28 Jun 2011

And here are some photos from a few shoots me and my friend Chloe have been doing. She specializes in fashion photography.

Haven't posted in a while because I felt that not many people see my blog and the people that do, comment my posts and ask me to follow them if they follow me in return but never do as asked. Anyway. I had an end of year fashion show at college where I was asked to model for mini's new clothing range. They're just things like wellies, hoodies, t-shrits and umberellas but it's still pretty cool all the same. I also modelled a rockabilly jacket for a girl. I'm the bleached blonde by the way.

9 Jun 2011

Been stressed out lately. Struggling with college. but i'm currently making some tailored trousers with an extra black and white checked fabric from the waistline to just above the belly button. enjoy some photos of my beautiful friends and I (i'm the blonde guy)

1 Jun 2011

Yesterday I woke up and came online to find that everyone was going to this gig about an hour away. And I only had about £15 so I decided not to go but in the end I went to my friend's for drinks and we all got happy and I'm a very last minute person so I decided on getting the train by myself and going to this gig. It was okay, the bands were good but I wasn't too enthusiastic. Me and Chloe just searched around for beautiful people. I also had to rush to buy drinks cus the bar was closing so everyone could let the underagers in. I didn't take many photos but here was my day: